Car Cooler/ Refrigerator/ Freezer for 23 Quart (22L)

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Why choose Joytutus car  freezer? 

The Joytutus 23 quart portable refrigerator as both a fridge and freezer (-7.6℉-50℉) without the use of ice is ready for camping, road trips, picnics, home use, and more, keeping your food cool or frozen. It consumes 1kWh of energy per day. 

Unique Features:

Easy to Carry and Suitable Capacity

The portable car freezer hold 32 cans of 11 FL.OZ soda should be plenty roomy enough for a family of three.

12/24V DC Cord and 110V AC Adapter

With 2 power cables, widely used in both indoor and outdoor occasions, boat, truck, car and so on. 

Hidden Handle

12v portable car fridge comes equipped with two hidden handles, which could save space on your car.

LED Display and Touch Panel

Digital Panel : A concise digital panel to monitor and adjust the inner temperature.
The on/off button: 3 seconds to turn on/off the unit.
The "SET" button: ECO and MAX modes. Shut down if no operation within 10min. USB port function are offered.

Piston (Reciprocating) Compressors

The Car refrigerator uses the famous brand compressor and it's super quiet. When the compressor cycles on, our customer registers 30db (can't hear it over the engine or road noise). And when the compressor is off, the unit is silent.

30 Degrees Tilt Operation

JoyTutus car freezer can perform just as well on leaning up to 30 degrees(maximum range). You don't need to worry that a rugged road will bring you problems.