42 Quart (40L) Portable Car Cooler/ Freezer /Refrigerator


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Why choose Joytutus freezer?

Joytutus portable freezer can quickly cool from 77 ° F to 32 ° F, which only needs 15 minutes.

Joytutus 42 quart portable refrigerator’s 45 dB low noise makes you have a good dream during the night.

The low power consumption of the freezer can make you use less power to enjoy a cool summer and save energy.

The 3-stage battery protection can help you protect your battery from running out.

You can take the ice cream, seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages for traveling, boating, camping by Joytutus 42 Quart Portable fridge.

As a DC/AC portable refrigerator, you can power it up with a 12 Volt/24 Volt DC power from the car, SUV, van, pickup truck, semi-truck, and boat or 110~240 Volt power at home.

Product Dimension:22.4 x 12.6 x 13.8 inches

The power sources you can use:

Home use: 110 - 240 Volt AC power Car/Big
Truck use: 12/24 Volt DC power
Solar system: small solar system + controller + battery
Others: power station, generator, backup battery, etc.

The Car Refrigerator is suitable for RV, Camper, Truck, Jeep Pickup, SUV Van Boat, Camping, Trip Outdoor, Travel, Home Use.