Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator with LED Display for Car Bicycle and Other Inflatables


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  • 6000mAh rechargeable battery
    The battery capacity of our air compressor is 3 times larger than the other portable air compressor on the market, and the super battery life can meet your inflation needs.
    2 IN 1. Our tire inflator has two levels of use, which can be used wirelessly or connected to the vehicle power supply.
  • Powerful ability and fast inflation
    Maximum inflation pressure: 150PSI. Air output: 20L/min.A car tire can be filled in 6-8 minutes.
  • Extremely compact
    You don't need to install the hose manually, our air compressor for car is perfectly stored inside the air pump together with the 3m power cord. 
  • Low noise
    Our car tire pump has lower noise. Most of the noise of car air compressor on the market is 90db. After upgrading, our portable tire inflator for car has a low noise of 75db. 
  • Package included
    You will receive an car air compressor, an instruction manual, a drawstring bag, a USB cord, a spare fuse, and four different connectors. 
    We are committed to a good customer experience. 

1. The tire pump needs to rest for 5 minutes after 10 minutes of use before continuing to use.
2.If you have any question please contact us!

Humanized program settings, simple operation you can foresee!

1.Select "I" or "II" to choose to use directly after charging or connect to the car power supply.

2.Short press "R" to switch the air pressure.

3.Press "+" or "-" to adjust the preset pressure. Short press the power button to start. Automatically stop operation when the preset value is reached. (Long press them to adjust the value quickly.)
Please note: the set pressure value stops flashing as the setting is successful.


Effective heat dissipation system and overheating protection device, when the temperature is too high, the air pump will automatically stop, please stop for 10 minutes before using.


The Pump Hose and 3m power cord are housed inside the tire pump.You can take it away anytime.


You can clearly see the change of air pressure when you use it, so there is no need to worry about the air pressure being too high.


Long press "R" 3 seconds to turn on the LED light. LED emergency lights can bring you light in dark environments such as underground garages.