Joytutus Hazard Warning LED Flasher Relay For Chevy Silverado Suburban Tahoe Turn Signal


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Fixes turn signal problem: led flasher relay Fixes for GM, GMC, Chevrolet problem with no turn signals or with 4-way flashers coming on when the directional is actuated.

Feature: If you're going to do a LED light upgrade for your GM vehicle, this turn signal relay module is a must-have item - solve the hyper flash problem with simple a plug and play.

Note: Use this gm led flasher relay for the led turn signal, never cut your factory wires and install a load resistor. (use the load resister basically shorting out the circuit)

Installation Tips: Take out the dash cluster cover, remove two screws on the bottom of the steering wheel cover panel. Take the panel out. Use a clamp wrench to take out the original flasher, plug this flasher relay in, test the signals to see if hyper flashing goes away, then you are done.