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💙 Durable & Sturdy Material  - The car snow brush is made of new and upgraded high-quality solid ABS material, which will not damage the paint and glass of the car. It is more durable, more stable, and has a long service life. Don't worry about breaking, it will accompany you through many winters. ✅ Note: When using the car snow brush for the first time, use more force to pull out the triangle plate at the end of the snow brush.

💙 5-in-1 Unique Design - The car snow removal brush with squeegee has four functions: snow removal, frosting removal, shovel ice, and wiper protection. Car snow broom saving you time and money. ✔ This snow brush and ice scraper extendable can be used on the vehicle's windshield, roof, windows, and the entire vehicle surface. Note: When you need to replace the snow shovel blade, you need to pay attention to the correct installation of the card slot.

💙 Time Saving & Happy - The telescoping snow brush for the car is designed for snow removal, triangular aluminum rod, and scientific labor-saving design. The handle of the car snow shovel is foam non-slip, easy to operate and control, saving time. Participating in snow sweeping with your family is a loving moment and you should have this happiness.

💙 Multi-size & Convenient - 47" car extendable snow scraper brush can be rotated 270°, all total of 7 angles, freely retractable length, shovel multi-function. The car ice scraper shovel has a small storage space, can be quickly disassembled, does not take up space, and the space inside the car is too large, saving time and money, and car snow removal brush is suitable for many types of vehicles. ✅ Note: It is recommended to wear gloves when installing and using the snow brush.

💙 1 Year Quality Support - The car extendable foam snow brush is provided by JoyTutus for one-year product quality support. The total weight of the car snow brush ice scraper is 600 grams and the package size is 16.7 * 6.8 * 3.1 inches. The package includes 1 snow shovel + 1 non-slip gloves + 1 scratch-resistant +1 manual.

  • JoyTutus 5 in 1 professional car snow brush

    Product information:

    Product weight: 1.3 lb

    Product size : 16.7'' * 6.8'' * 3.1”

    Product package : 1 car snow removal brush +1 Store Bag + 1 Gloves + 1 Towel + 1 Scraper

    Note: The correct installation method of the car snow brush triangle is the card slot.