JoyTutus 1500W Power Inverter with Dual AC Outputs Dual USB Charger

  • WARRANTY- Lifetime warranty offered by JoyTutus. Please feel free to contact us before you have any problems. Package includes 1* 1500W car converter, 1*manual, 1* heavy duty box, 2* battery clips, 4* EXTRA*40A fuses.
  • DOESN’T POWER ANYTHING - it just converts DC current from car batteries or other batteries into AC current. In this case, JoyTutus 1500W inverter takes a 12-volt power of a car battery and transforms it into a 110V-130V, and then it will power a lot of appliances. It can also be used with the solar system: just 4 steps: Solar Panels- Charge Controller- Batteries- JoyTutus 1500W inverter.
  • WIDELY USED- As a modified wave inverter, can be used for the non-inductive load, such as: smartphone, iPad, laptop, computer, camera, headlamp, CD player, DVD, TV, PSP, electric shaver, power tools, fax machine, printer, scanner, fan, audio, nebulizer and so on. The power of all of them needs to be lower than the inverter. Any other appliances that you want to know please feel free to contact us via email before you order or make the Customer questions & answers.
  • BUILT-IN PROTECTION- Comes with the total circuit protection that protects the car battery and appliances all the time- Input under-voltage protection, input over-voltage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, output short circuit protection. And it has two cooling fans so they don't overeat, because in the process of transforming electricity different voltages, there is some heat given off, so you got to have one that has good cooling units built into it.
  • NOTE- 1. Please be sure to confirm the switch of appliances is off, and then take the pull out. 2. Please be sure to use the same specification of fuse (extra fuses included) if they need to replace, or it will cause abnormal overheating and fire. 3. Clean the dirt at the plug of the car converter in time to avoid causing poor contact.