JoyTutus Car Battery Disconnect Switch 12-24V 250A

  • Size - This battery-disconnect switch comes with an extra-long bolt, whose length is 0.94in(94mm), longer than the others. Thread size on the bolt: 0.7in(18mm). You can replace the original short bolt and use the washer to shorten the screw when you need it.(please check 3rd picture)
  • Fitment - Work well for cars, RV, marine, boats or UTV- all standard car electric system as long as the battery has side post terminal with 3/8’’ hole. Only mount on NEGATIVE POST. Handling voltage from 12 to 24V, max working current is 250A.
  • Installation - Firstly, disconnect the battery cables from the battery, always disconnect the negative cable first followed by the positive cable. Attach the side post battery disconnect to the negative battery terminal and tighten but do not overtighten. With the lever on the switch continuously open, connect the negative battery cable you removed from the battery to the opposite end of the disconnect switch. Make sure you have a good connection.
  • Material - Made by solid brass, which will keep your battery far away from rust. When you are not using the car or it is in storage for periods of time, just simply raise the lever to disconnect the battery from the car. This car battery terminal disconnect will prevent the battery from the drain and kill the battery quickly.
  • Service - JoyTutus offers a lifetime warranty with consistent customer satisfaction. This package comes with 1 x battery cut off switch, 1 x extra-long bolt, 1 x washer. It is an easy project you can do for your car in less than 30 minutes and it can save you hundreds of dollars on replacement batteries.