Polarized Car Sun Visor, Fits 4.7''- 7.8''


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  • 【PROTECT YOUR EYES】 This 2020 new design polarized car sun visor extender protects your eyes like sunglasses. The polarizing plate can eliminate glare and provide you with a clear vision. Reduce eye fatigue and protect your eyes.
  • 【4-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTION】 1. In summer. Can block the sun to protect your eyes 2. In winter. Can reduce snow blindness and allow you to drive safely 3. In foggy. It can increase visibility in fog to maintain a safe distance 4. At night. It can reduce the damage of bright light to the eyes. Note: It is not recommended to use the sun visor for car in the dark.
  • 【4 UNIQUE DESIGN】 1. Anti-slip rubber pad. Can increase friction and reduce jitter. 2. Stabilize the support. Will not easily shake so that you can drive safely. 3. Anti-fingerprint design. Reduce fingerprints on the polarized auto sun visor. 4. Unique material, soft, impact-resistant and not easy to scratch.
  • 【USE TIPS】Button 1: Press the round button to adapt to the original sun visor. Button 2: Press the button on the side to adjust the distance according to your height.
  • 【1-YEAR QUALITY SUPPORT】It is the best Christmas gift for your friend. We provide 1-year quality support for this polarized car sun visor extender anti-glare blocker . 


  1. It fits the original sun visor of 4.7'-7.8'', please check the size before purchasing.
  2. Package: 1 polarized car sun visor + 1 polarized test card + 1 cleaning cloth.
  3. It is not recommended to use in a dark environment.
  4. Cannot be used with polarized sunglasses.
  5. Please use a cleaning cloth to clean the sun visor, so as not to affect the clarity of the lens.