Electric Car Heated Cushion with temperature control.

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Comfortable and warm】 This heated seat heater provides immediate warmth and makes these cold days more bearable. It also relieves back pain and provides ultimate comfort for the waist and back of your bum when you drive in a cold winter.
Fast heating】 The internal heating wire of the heating pad is evenly distributed, which allows the seat cushion to be heated quickly and effectively. In 30 seconds you can feel the heat. And it only takes 10 minutes to reach the highest temperature. Without waiting long, you could feel comfortably warm in cold weather.
Intelligent temperature control】 The temperature can be easily controlled with high or low or off switches. The heated seat cushion is equipped with an overheating protection thermostat. When the temperature reaches certain degrees, the heater automatically heats to a constant temperature to prevent overheating and to keep you warm all the time while driving.
Universal Fit】 The size of the seat pad for the heating car is 108 x 48 cm, which is suitable for most standard cars. And the adjustable straps can also meet the needs of most car seats. Power is supplied via the cigarette lighter. Designed to fit most DC 12V vehicles with a standard car seat.
Ensure safety】 Our car seat warmer is certified, environmentally friendly and safer than normal products, so you can work safely.