JoyTutus Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Installation Guide

  • Before installing, make sure you connect the power cable and antenna to the camera.

Camera Connection:
  • Step 1: Choose the camera locations.
  • Step 2:Drill a 12mm Diameter Cable Hole and Secure the Camera With Two Screws.(Accessory Includes Screws)
  • Step 3: Locate the reversing lights or running lights wiring on your vehicle. You may need to remove the interior panel in order to locate. Connect the red wire of the power cable to the positive and the black wire to the ground.
Monitor Connection:
  • Monitor is directly powered from the cigarette lighter socket or ACC, There is no need to run any wires from the camera to the monitor.
  • Tips
  • We recommend doing a benchmark test before installation to insure that all components are working properly.
  • Consult an experienced technician if you are not familiar with installing the Backup Camera.