Joytutus Gas Cap Holder For 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen Fuel Cap Holder Black


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Patented design: Gas cap holder compatible with 2016-2021 Tacoma 3rd Gen. ISSYAUTO Patented Design Holder provides another way to secure the gas cap while fueling your vehicle

Function: Unscrewing the gas cap to hold it on the fuel cap Holder, to avoid hitting the side of your truck. helps to keep clean of your truck and gas.

Switch style Design: Turn to the left to remove, turn to the right to lock. Contrast the round hole design, which can effectively avoid the gas cap dropping and Stuck from the gas cap holder.

Anti-Slipping: According to the rotating thread of the gas cap to set the fixed point, the gas cap can be easily locked by rotating it without slipping off.

Easy Installation: Take out the screw of the fuel tank door, make the gas cap holder's little indentation slip into the lip of the fuel tank door, then reinstall the screw.