JoyTutus Grease Gun Coupler (Two Pack)

  • Standard 1/8 inch NPT fittings so it fits most grease guns-powered, pneumatic or manual.
  • You have a little lever here that you pull back and these jaws come out grab the zerk then they hang on so this is not going to fall off. Ensure the grease goes into the machine, no splashing and leaking anymore.
  • You just press on the thumb lever allowing you to install or remove the locking grease coupler on a grease gun very quickly. Made it a lot more clean and it saves you the frustration of wiping up a gob ugly of greasing or having it all over your hands.
  • The threads would screw right on the end of your grease hose so when you remove your grease coupler that’s going to thread right on replacing it and this side is where it hook right onto the zerk fitting.
  • One year warranty offered by JoyTutus with hassle free shopping experience. You will get two packs of the grease gun coupler.