JoyTutus SUV Air Mattress with Electric Air Pump for Truck/Van/Tent


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Why choose Joytutus SUV Air Mattress?

The mattress is a good choice for you to have a rest in a tent, house, park, and so on.

Adapt to Different Space Sizes:
Joytutus SUV air mattress has six separate air cabins which can adjust the inflatable positions according to the size of the space. When a single valve leaks air, it does not cause the entire mattress to leak.

Skin-Friendly Material: The front side of the mattress is soft skin-friendly material, and the reverse side is the plastic material that is skid-proof. The stitching place of the car bed is well made and it won't leak air easily.

Strong Bearing of Capacity: The camping mattress has a strong load-bearing capacity which has taken 48 hours-air leakage test under the pressure of 102KG.

Easy to Use: 3-layer leak-proof design, which takes you totally about 90 seconds to finish inflating the car mattress.
 The steps of deflating just takes you 2 steps to deflate.

Multi-Situation Application: The size of the inflated mattress: 55*72.8*4.7 inches.The SUV air mattress is not only used in the car but also can be used in a variety of conditions. 

Adapt to different spatial conditons:

70% Full

100% Full

30% Full