Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella


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Specially Designed For Ford F150- Have You Did Not Found A Sunshade Umbrella On The Market That Would Fit The F150? Do You Worry About A Scratch On The Center Console Of Your Car? We Have Specially Customized A Sunshade Umbrella For Ford F150 1. The Umbrella Surface Of The Sunshade Is Fully Covered To The Windshield Of 150, Which Play Better Protection From Sun Protection.

2. We Have Added A 360°Rotating And Bendable/Adjustable Umbrella Shaft, This Car Windshield Umbrella Has A Us Patent Design.

Effective Sun Protection- The cover is made of high-quality composite Titanium Silver Cloth, which is great at thermal insulation and high refractive index, therefore, it can reduce the apparent temperature remarkably, avoiding direct sunlight to effectively reduce the temperature of the car and prevent damage and aging car interiors. No harmful gas will be generated under high temperatures, keeping the air in the car fresh. It is the best car accessory in summer!

Easy to store and use- We have given away a storage bag, can be placed in the car door, central control, and glove box. The large windshield sunshade for the car is easy to use and non-destructive installation, complete the installation within a few seconds. No tools are required to complete the installation.

Notification: We Have Specially Customized A Sunshade Umbrella for F150