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How to choose a car floor mat

As common auto parts, car floor mats have different prices, grades and materials, influencing driving safety and protection of cab. Inferior auto liners are easy to bring safety hazards to the owners, caused secondary pollution and health impact to the new cab. The car environment has a great impact on the health of car owners.

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The practicality of car floor mats

The best car floor mats improve driving comfort. The vibration generated by driving is directly transferred to the feet of the driver. After a while, the feet will get tired. Appropriate style and material will greatly improve the aesthetic effect of the interior. In addition, the auto floor mats can lock dust and sand. In bad weather, the amount of dust brought into the car would be much more than that in sunny days, making cab  dirty, and will also harm health.

Good auto floor liners can not only lock dust in the pad, and reduce the floating dust, but also facilitate the car's healthy cleaning.What's more, the car mats can absorb water and anti-skid. Especially in rainy and snowy days, the shoes with water and mud, once step on the accelerator and brake may slip, endangering driving safety. Good water absorbent pad can quickly dry the sole water and dirt, prevent the situation of slipping foot.

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Four standards to choose a car floor mat

1. Wouldn’t interfere driving.

What is the first thing in driving? Safe.  Improper size is easy to cause displacement during the braking process, which may cause traffic accidents. Car floor mats have a limit life. After certain time the anti-skid ability will decline, so it should be timely replaced.

2. Thickness and weight.

The thicker the mat, the more durable and more expensive. The weight of the mats varies because of different  materials. The choice of pad should be based on the car space. In the absence of a power lift, increasing the overall weight of the vehicle will result in more fuel consumption. Instead, choose good quality and heavy car foot mats.

3. Four qualities.

Anti-slip, waterproof, three-dimensional and sticking. The importance of anti-slip is reflected in the first standard. A big function of the car foot mats is rain and snow weather waterproof anti-skid, a good mat must be waterproof effect is good. The more solid the car foot mat, the better, the more fit the better.

4. Smell less.

Most of the floor mats sold on the market today are chemical products that generally have a few smells. Inhaling these harmful odors for a long time can harm the human body.


How to choose the right thing

1. Look at size specification

Each car will have the corresponding original factory mat matching, but the owner's preferences and tastes are not the same. If you wanna buy in the market, first look at their own model size, shape, specifications and other parameters for purchase.

2. Thicker is not better

Modelling can be designed accord with oneself taste, on the other hand good material pledges can avoid chassis carpet and other interior act the role of be polluted, and convenient to clean, durable. At the same time avoid choosing too thick pad, too thick pad will increase clutch spacing, not easy to grasp the brake throttle.

3. Buy the brand

Purchase mat according to the bran, check whether the product has a formal environmental protection test report. The best is to choose from formal 4S shop or well-known brand. Take a good sniff before you buy.

 4. Whether it can be easily fired

There are some car foot mats made of wool, foam and other flammable substances. Sometimes accidentally dropped cigarette can light a fire.

5. Easy to clean

Although the rubber and PVC materials are the easiest to clean and are inexpensive, but their smell is too intolerable and can last for a short time. Although the price of chemical fiber is relatively higher, compared with other materials, it is qualitative, and more wear-resisting, at the same time it can insulate sound, waterproof and absorb dust.

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