12" 17" Water Meter Key, Water Shut Off Tool , T-Handle Water Valve Key for Water Meter

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The founder of JOYTUTUS is a car and road trip enthusiast. He thrives to redefine the function of accessories and equipment, making them more convenient and easier to use. Therefore, JOYTUTUS came into being with the idea of bringing customers more interesting and durable products. Joy means pleasure and happiness. Tutus is Latin, meaning safe and reliable. With JOYTUTUS, your life and travel are more beautiful than ever.

Key Feature

T-Handle Design

The T-handle type will be more labor-saving to use, a layer of non-slip vinyl covers the T-zone, which is comfortable to touch and not easy to fall off.

Durable and sturdy

Our water meter key is made of heavy duty steel, ensuring it is strong enough to handle even the toughest of jobs.

Easy to use

Our water shut off tool for easy access to water meters in hard-to-reach areas, makes it easy to turn valves on and off, providing you with hassle-free access to your water supply.

Multifunctional Tools

Coming with 4-way multi-functional chuck key for electric water gas meter box cupboard cabinet, opening key. And teflon tape to prevent the leakage of water or gas.

Package Included

1* water meter key; 1* 4-way multifunctional utilities key; 1* teflon tape. Please make sure it is compatible with your equipment before you buy it.