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How To Choose A Power Inverter For Car

Autumn is coming, many people would like a road trip. But in the long distance road trip, what should we do if the cell phone battery is out? In fact, many people will be equipped with a power supply---the power inverter for car, which can be a good solution to the electricity problem.

 Power Inverter--JoyTutus

What is car power inverter?
Car power inverter is a kind of convenient machine that can convert DC12V to and the same general electric AC220V.

  Power Inverter--JoyTutus

How to choose a car power inverter?
Power Inverter for car is very complex, perhaps not everyone knows it well, so we must be careful in the process of choosing.

  1. Don't be greedy. Try to buy power inverter with brand, and avoid off-brand or roadside goods. Be sure to check the material when you buy it. Usually the shell is made of metal because it needs to dissipate heat. There are many defective products made of plastic.
  2. Don't assume that a high-powered (300-500 watts) inverter can be used to boil water or cook. If you do try, you will be very disappointed, for the appliances will hardly respond. The small refrigerator on the car may be the limit of the car power inverter.
  3. If possible, try to buy a power inverter with less terminals. Because once the inverter heats up, it will burn the circuit board, and all terminals may fail. So try to buy one with less terminals and simple function. 

Using Methods

1. Place the power inverter in a flat place and ensure the switch is off.

2. Connect the red and black wires respectively with the red and black terminal of the power inverter, then red line clips the positive electrode, black line clips the negative. If use a cigarette lighter plug, insert the plug into the cigarette lighter jack.

 Power Inverter--JoyTutus

3. Insert the power plug of the electrical appliance into the AC jack.

Power Inverter--JoyTutus4. Turn on the switch and it can be used.



  1. Power Inverters should be kept in a safe place (especially away from children), in case of electric shock. When not in use, cut off its input power.
  2. Do not place the power inverter in direct sunlight or near the heater outlet. Inverters’ operating environment temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. When the car power inverter works, there is a fan nearby to dissipate heat, which will make a little noise. But it is generally tolerable.
  4. When starting up the car, turn off the car inverter or do not connect to the 12V power interface.
  5. If your device provides car charger plugs, it is better to use the original car charger instead of the car power inverter.
  6.  Non-brand car power inverter may break down at any time. Prepare one more for a long trip. If the car inverter is broken, take it easy and treat it as a FMCG.
  7. Use car power inverters while the engine is working.


Advantages of JoyTutus Power Inverter For Car

If you want to buy a good car Power Inverter, JoyTutus Power Inverter For Caris a good choice.

1.Faster start and higher conversion efficiency.  The speed of current conversion has been improved a lot, which makes its overall work efficiency rise to a great extent. Therefore, we don't need to worry about the speed of transformation.

2. Excellent security.  When it was being developed, the researchers took the response measures in various situations such as short circuit, negative pressure and over-temperature into consideration, so it had the function of solving these problems.

 Power Inverter--JoyTutus

 3. Lower noise, better driving experience.

 4. Suitable for all kinds of small electrical appliances.

 Power Inverter--JoyTutus

 Good products need to be quickly acquired.

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By JiaZhuo