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How To Choose A Cup Holder

What does a cup holder mean to you? "The cup holder is just to keep the cup from tipping over and spilling in the middle of the car."

But the cup holder does much more than that. One scholar linked the desire to travel with a hot drink to the basic human need for warmth and support. The french-born cultural anthropologist G.Clotaire Rapaille claimed that drinking a warm liquid while driving on a highway was like reaching out to touch a mother's breast. 'this is what we think is a necessary part of car safety,' Mr. Rapaille said. "What was the key to feeling safe when you were a baby?" He asked. "Your mother gave you warm breast milk. That's why the cup holder is absolutely important."

The cup holders are essential to cars, they provide great convenience especially when we are travelling. Is the cup holder practical? It is what we mostly concerned about. Today, we will have a detailed understanding of the relevant situation of the cup holder, so that we can choose the cup holder more easily.


The Function Of The Cup Holder

Storage Coffee Cups In Cup Holders

The most basic function of the cup holder is to protect the cup better, so that the bumpy road will not harm the cup, and also make it more convenient for us to drink water, so that we won't waste time because we can't get the cup in a mess. We can put the cup on the cup holder, so that the cup can be better fixed.

If we don't have space for the glass when driving, it will inevitably leak. If it is not found in time, it will easily cause damage to our car seats or interior decoration, and it will also cause rust in the welding area of the car. If there is a cup holder, we can put the cup into it. So that we can rest assured while driving, it is convenient for us to drink water, and more importantly, the cup holder is not a threat to the interior of our car.

Heating&Cooling Coffee Cup Holders

Some drink holder can be heated, especially when we are driving in the winter, a warm water is very enjoyable, we do not require as comfortable as an RV, but we can still can have a cup of hot drink. The heated cup holder is connected to a cigarette lighter, which energizes the holder and heats the water in the car.

Cup Holders Decorative Your car

A suitable beverage holder can not only let us drink water more convenient for fixed glass is better, still can promote the style of our car interiors, this is also a test to our owner's aesthetic ability.


How To Select A Drink holder

Quality Of Cup Holders

The quality issue is the most important thing to consider when we choose a cup holder. If the quality of the cup holder cannot be guaranteed, there will be great hidden trouble when we buy a cup holder, and even it brings us much more trouble than we think, so the quality problem of the cup holder cannot be ignored.

The Fixing Way Of Cup Holders 

 Apart from the quality problem of the cup holder, what remains is the fixing method of the cup holder. It is inevitable for us to have some bumps and falls when driving. If the cup holder is not fixed properly, the water cup will easily slip off. Therefore, we must have a good understood of the way to fix the cup holder , or we may have safety risks when using it. 

Why Choose Ours Cup Holder Inserter

This kind of cup holder inserter design is more clever. Including 2 pieces of 3-inch cup holder Inserts, perfectly replacing the worn or missing cup holder inserts. Made of high-quality ABS material, it comes with a lifetime warranty offered by JoyTutus. At the same time the limiter can also expand or pack up, when packed up it can hold larger items. The cup is very stable in it. You can even unscrew the bottle cap with one hand in the cup holder, which largely increases the safety of driving in different driving ways.

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By JiaZhuo