How to Choose Car Cover


How to Choose Car Cover

The car cover is another coat for the car, and it is also the protective cover for the car. The car cover is also a practical item that we must touch.

When we choose the car cover, many people always think that the car cover is an ordinary cover, as long as it can cover the car.

If you buy a car cover with this mentality, then it is wrong.

There is a lot of learning to choose a car cover. After all, the car cover is to protect your car, not to be careless.

What are the capabilities of the hood material? When choosing a car cover, we must look at what constitutes the material of the car cover.

The material composition of the car cover is critical and must be flame retardant, waterproof, soft and heat resistant. Finally, you need to pay attention to its size. This is a detailed description of the five features:

1. Heat Insulation and Anti-exposure

When the car is exposed to the sun, it will make the car's paint surface age faster and fade faster.

Exposure can also cause damage to some parts of the car. The car seat will be exposed to the sun for a long time, and it will cause irreparable damage to the leather of the seat.The car stopped at the bottom of the sun for a long time, without the protection of the car cover insulation, the temperature inside the car would be very high, and people sitting on it were very hot.

The car cover can prevent exposure, and the car cover must have good thermal insulation properties.

2. To Fire Retardant

Flame retardant is not easy to catch fire, can isolate the fire source, not easy to burn. If you hit the fireworks, some flames will splash on the car cover, and the flame-retardant car cover will prevent burning, which will protect the car from the fire. The materials used in the car covergenerally have a flame retardant effect, which is awkward.

3. The Size Should Be Appropriate

The size of thecar cover should also be noted, not too big or too small. If it is too big, if the wind blows, the car cover will swing a lot and will hit the car, which will hurt the car body. If it is too small, it will not cover the entire body, and a part of the body will be exposed. This part of the body will not be protected by the car cover.

According to the size of the model, the car cover is selected so that the car fits well and can better protect the entire body.

4. Waterproof And Good Sealing

Thecar coveris a good sealing cover, and the waterproof performance is also a necessary skill for the car cover. The car cover protects the car from the baptism of the rain for a long time, keeping the body clean and blocking the rain from entering the car.Therefore, the waterproof seal of the car cover must be good.

If it is acid rain, the seal is not good, acid rain easily passes through the car cover, dripping into the car, it will hurt the car. On the selection of thecar cover, be sure to pick a car cover with very good waterproof performance.

5.Soft Enough

The material of the car covershould be soft enough. If it is too hard, it will scratch the car. Softness can slow down sharp scratches.


JoyTutuscar cover includs the above five advantages, it is a good choice for you to buy car cover.

In addition , JoyTutus car coveralso has these features:

1. JoyTutuscar coveris made from a micro-porous fabric that breathes, preventing mold from being trapped underneath the cover of your car.

2. JoyTutus car cover has a lot of elastic to keep this real nice and tight up underneath the front bumper and also the back bumper.

3. Easily to install. JoyTutuscar coverjust took some time figuring out the angles and anything.

4.JoyTutus car cover is made up of 5 layers of material: UV-resistant layer + PEVA + PEVA + waterproof layer + soft inner liner.

Please stop hesitating and choose a car cover for your beloved car as soon as possible. Click on the picture of your favorite style to purchase it now!

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By Joy Tutus