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Proper Use Of Headlight Switch Will Make You A Better Driver

Where is the headlight switch? What do they look like? Before learning how to use a headlight, a novice should first know where and what the lights are.
After understanding the position and operation of the light switch, we need to understand the meaning of the various symbols on the light switch.

Headlight Switch--JoyTutus

How Do Light Switches Work?

In addition to not using lights at night, the misuse of headlights (especially high beams and front and rear fog lights) is also a dangerous practice. These two kinds of lamps is very dazzling, and fog lamp can strongly penetrate. Misuse of headlights is easy to cause traffic accidents. They are "moving bombs" on the roads! So, how do these flickering lights work?

1. High Beam

Although high beam opens only after a push toward outside, but open high beam to need a premise condition: opened near-light lamp

2. Fog Lamp

After you turn on the width light, you can turn on the fog light. Besides, the front fog lamp can be opened separately, and then the fog lamp can only be opened simultaneously with the front fog lamp, and cannot be opened separately.


Situations To Use Light Switches

1.Light Switches In Evening And Night

In the evening, it is already dark. If the driver does not turn on the headlights, the driving trend of the vehicle will become unclear to other drivers. It is difficult for other drivers to judge the speed and distance of the vehicle. Of course, there are rules for turning on the lights. For example, when cars meet at night, we must turn off high beams to avoid causing danger to other drivers. 
Car lights should be turned on in the evening. When the sky is a little dark, you can turn on a wide light; While driving at night you should open the near-light light; If weather conditions are good, do not turn on high beam or fog lights when driving on city roads at night. 

2. Light Switches In Rain and fog

Visibility in rain and fog is low. If the driver does not open the lights, then his driving is invisible. Even if other drivers are pilots, it is not easy to notice the car without light.
When visibility is good, open a wide light; When visibility is poor, turn on the near-light lamp and fog lamp.


3. Light Switches In Tunnel driving

The light in the tunnel is poor, but not all drivers, have the habit of lighting up the tunnel. Should turn on near-light, do not turn on high beams or fog lights, because the lights too dazzling is of the same harm with not turning on the lights.

4.  Lights In Underground garage

Nowadays there are a lot of underground garages,  insufficient light, quite compact layout , narrow parking space, right angle bend, steep slope, ect. They are all testing people’s driving ability. Underground garages have already became accident frequent place.Turning on your car lights to remind others of your location can help reduce risk factors. Car lights that should be turned on: near-light.

5. When To Use High Beams?

When we drive on unlit roads at night, we can turn on high beams appropriately to ensure safety -- about 150 meters in front of us, if there is no opposite traffic. If we are faced with  high beam from opposite, the first thing we should do is flash the headlights to remind the other party to switch the near-beam.

Knowing how to use the headlight switches correctly can ensure the safety of the driver himself and that of others. It's important for new drivers to incorporate the correct use of the lights into their driving habits so that they can become experienced drivers as soon as possible.


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By JiaZhuo