What is Wireless Car Charger? It is a Must-have Item for Your Car


What is Wireless Car Charger? It is a Must-have Item for Your Car

Speaking of car phone holder chargers, it must be a must-have for most cars now, after all, there are more and more mobile phones that support wireless charging. People often go out recently and often need to use the navigation in the car, which causes the battery power to be very tight.

However, if you use a wired car charger, all kinds of wires will affect the appearance and cause unsafe driving. It just so happens that I recently learned about the JoyTutus wireless automatic sensor car phone holder and charger, which can not only be a wireless car charger mount but also used as a phone holder, which has solved many people's big problems. In fact, there are many automatic phone holders on the market, each of which has its own characteristics. JoyTutus wireless car charger is no exception.

Let me introduce 8 advantages of JoyTutus wireless car charger:

1. Auto-sensing Function

JoyTutus smart sensor car wireless charger supports automatic induction clamp arm. In fact, this is of great help to people who often drive out. Put your phone close to the charging panel, the clamp arm will automatically open, and after putting the phone on, the clamp arm will automatically clamp the phone. When you need to take out the phone, just touch the silver button on the right side of the charging panel, and the clamp arm will automatically open to take out the phone.

Friends who have used the traditional bracket may know that it uses a spring to fix the mobile phone, which not only requires two hands to operate but also forms an unfavorable factor for driving safety. With this electric clamp arm, whether it is placed on the stand or removed from the stand, it is very convenient and can be operated with one hand. The feeling of charging while navigating is really enjoyable.

2. 2-in-1 Design

It can be used as a wireless phone charger for car or a mobile phone holder. When your mobile phone is out of power, you can put your phone on it to charge; when your mobile phone does not need to be charged, you can also use it as a mobile phone holder for viewing navigation Or answer the phone.

3. Small and Exquisite, Easy to Carry

Another feature of it is that it is very small, about the size of a bank card, and very light. You can carry it anywhere without putting pressure on your air outlet.

4. Simple Installation

This wireless car charger for iPhone can be installed in 1 minute. It uses the grille of the air outlet to support the charging bracket. There are a total of 5 simple steps: the first step is to install the air outlet clip, the second step is to fix the clip on the air outlet of the air conditioner, the third step is to connect the charger with the USB port of the car with a USB cable, and the fourth step is to tear Open the transparent protective film of the charging panel, the fifth step is to bring the phone close to the charging panel, the charger clamp arm will automatically open, and put it into the phone to achieve charging.

5. Support Both Wireless Charging and Magnetic Charging

This is a very user-friendly design. Although most of the mobile phones on the market now support wireless charging, there are still some mobile phones that do not support wireless charging. If your mobile phone supports the wireless charging function, you only need to put on the mobile phone to charge; if your mobile phone does not support wireless charging, then you can plug in our attached magnetic charging head on the mobile phone, close to the charging panel, And then align the magnetic charging head with the circle on the bottom of the charger to achieve charging. So it supports all mobile phones on the market. As a Qi car charger & magnetic wireless car charger.

6. 360 Degree Rotation, Available Horizontally and Vertically

There is a ball pan/tilt behind the charger, and the angle of the charger can be adjusted arbitrarily, horizontally, or vertically according to actual needs.

7. Exquisite Glass Mirror

Its charging panel is a glass mirror, which feels smooth and stylish. At the same time, it can keep the low temperature and not get hot, relieve the heat of the mobile phone and protect the mobile phone. When it was powered on, it was accidentally discovered that the charging panel would have a blue light display. In a dark environment, it is also very convenient to find the location of the interface.

8. Intimate Silicone Protection

Some friends may be worried that the automatic clamp arm will scratch the phone. The clamp arm of our cell phone chargers for cars is equipped with a silicone pad, which will not damage your phone.

The best wireless car charger. It supports up to 15W wireless charging and 18W wired charging. Bring this, whether it's traveling or a business trip, when you get off the car, at least you can go to work or play with my mobile phone fully charged.

JoyTutus Wireless Car Charger is the best choice for you.

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By Joy Tutus