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What Is A Battery Disconnect Switch

What Is A Battery Disconnect Switch?

Battery disconnect switches are equivalent to the installation of a total relay on the car. When the battery disconnect switch is turned off, the whole car power is cut off, which can prevent the leakage of electricity of the battery.

Firstly we need to know, that the car battery is a type of battery that works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. Usually, when people mention about batteries, they mean lead-acid batteries. Car battery is one of the main power sources of the car, needs to be maintained carefully, think twice, so do not easily open the battery disconnect switch, so as to avoid damage to electrical equipment, and data loss.

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When To Use Battery Disconnect Switches?

With Autumn in the corner, more and more people would like to go out for a sightseeing. However, even a small trip takes a few days. Your car is left in the garage and you come back only to find that it doesn't start. This is because the car battery has no electricity, so we need to open battery disconnect switches when not use the car for a long time.

Warm tips: Your ride shouldn’t be parked for a long time, which can do great harms to the battery and engine oil seal. I suggest starting the car for at least half an hour every week to charge the battery and lubricate the mechanical parts to prevent rust. Ask your family to charge the car battery regularly and start the car every 1-2 weeks and run it for 5-10 minutes. If there is really no one to take care of the car, you should open battery disconnect switches to remove the negative electrode off the battery and prevent the vehicle from excessive power consumption. Of course, you can remove the battery and store it separately in a cool, dry place. When you need to drive, pay close attention to the areas where the car is leaking oil, and if so, repair it as soon as possible.

Battery Disconnect Switch Using Tips:

1. Do not open the battery disconnect switch before reading the fault code.

2. After the power failure, the control unit's fault code will be automatically eliminated, which will affect your judgment of the fault. Therefore, the current fault code must be recorded before power failure, and then power failure can be considered.

3. If the ignition switch is on, do not open the battery disconnect switch.

4. The sudden disconnection of the battery connection wire will cause the coil in the circuit to produce self-induction electromotive force, thus easy to damage the computer board or sensor.

5. It is not allowed to remove the fault code by opening the battery disconnect switch.

6. For some engines, disconnecting the battery connection can clear the current storage fault code, but some engines disconnecting the battery, anti-theft and navigation will lock. So cut off random power cut.

7. When replacing the battery, first open battery disconnect switches to disconnect the negative electrode, then disconnect the positive electrode, and install in the opposite way.

8. Because cars are negative builds, negative builds prevent electromagnetic interference. It is not easy to cause short circuit if the negative electrode of the battery is removed when the power is cut off during vehicle maintenance.

9.When installing the battery positive and negative cables, be sure to install them in place and tighten them with standard torque. It needs to be maintained carefully, each link should be done clearly, in order to prevent failures.

Battery Disconnect Switch--JoyTutus

Open battery disconnect switches and disconnecting the negative terminal connection of the car battery, can not only safely power off, but prevent slow leakage. The above is how to unplug the car battery power, hope to help you. JoyTutus will continue to update the car battery use maintenance knowledge and vehicle maintenance knowledge, car you must pay more attention!

Battery disconnect switches make you able to cut power to your ride before storing your hot rod battery during routine maintenance or after an on-track accident. For safety reasons, battery cut-off switches are a valuable—and sometimes mandated—resource. Summit Racing carries a large selection so you can find the battery kill switch you want. Find battery disconnect switches from JoyTutus. Order your battery disconnect switches from JoyTutus today!

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