What is Wireless Car Charger? It is a Must-have Item for Your Car

Joy TutusSep 4, '20

Speaking of car phone holder chargers, it must be a must-have for most cars now, after all, there are more and more mobile phones that support wireless charging. People often go out recently and often need to use the navigation in the car, which causes the battery power to be very tight.

Auto tips - How to Choose Auto Parts

JiaZhuoAug 26, '19

1. Look at the packaging Regular manufacturers of accessories packaging are generally more standardized, unified standard specifications, clear and formal print, should be marked with product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, factory address and telephone number, and some manufacturers also make their own markings on accessories. 2....

How to Choose & Use Car Mirrors

JiaZhuoAug 26, '19

In modern times, automotive rear view mirrors are highly influenced by technology. You will find fantastic designs you can't imagine in the car's rear view mirrors, as well as wonderful choices to choose from. Car rear view mirrors are often damaged in an accident, loosened due to installation errors, or in the case...

How to Choose Car Cover

Joy TutusAug 12, '19

The car cover is another coat for the car, and it is also the protective cover for the car. The car cover is also a practical item that we must touch. When we choose the car cover, many people always think that the car cover is an ordinary cover, as long as it can...